Stop Avoiding the IRS

Trust KANE CPA for tax resolution assistance in Fitchburg, WI & Madison, WI

You never thought you’d find yourself facing tax problems, and you certainly never thought you’d have to argue with the IRS about them. You don’t have to face the IRS alone. KANE CPA offers reliable tax resolution assistance in Fitchburg, WI and the rest of the Dane County. You can count on us to help you resolve tax issues with a solution that works for you.

Reach out to KANE CPA today to learn more about our tax resolution assistance in the Fitchburg, WI area. You can schedule a consultation with a certified CPA at your convenience.
Does your small business need tax resolution assistance?

KANE CPA has over 13 years of experience providing individual, corporation and small business tax resolution assistance to clients in the Fitchburg, WI area. You should consider contacting our company for help if:

  • You owe large sums of money in back taxes
  • Your business is in debt
  • You’ve received correspondence from the IRS about your business taxes

To take advantage of our small business tax resolution assistance, call 608-271-5585 today. We’ll work hard to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

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